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A fourteen-point-six metre glittering silhouette against the sky; its four thousand six hundred kilograms effortlessly borne aloft by twin Pratt & Whitney PW210A1 Turboshaft engines.

Inside, the spacious eight-seater interior is equipped with wireless cabin control, dual-zone air conditioning, streaming services, and a unique-in-class Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to ensure complete device functionality even with rotors stopped.

This is the only twin-engine helicopter available for commercial use in Norway. Designed to conduct Search & Rescue operations at high altitudes, the AW169 is known for its superior versatility and power.

A full panel of cutting-edge avionics is embedded in the cabin to ensure safe flight in all weather conditions. The glass cockpit provides enhanced external visibility and control. The AW169 meets Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR), and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) performance standards in every detail.